How to edit menu font

OK, i found the area to change the font, but it will not change it. I select a font, it loads the preview on the right and then the font wont change…

Hi Kevin,

Thank you for reaching out to us. To change the font-family or font-size of Navbar menu items in X, go to Theme Options > Header > Links - Text and customize your menu items as per your need (see screenshot)

If the changes you made is not reflecting on the front-end then you must be using a cache plugin which could be serving the cached content. If that’s the case then please purge your plugin’s cache entirely and check your site again.

Let us know how this goes!

I dont have a chache plug in, but i did clear my browser cache but that did nothing.

I even disabled all my plugins except the staging plugin im using, cornerstone and slider revolution…

Hey Kevin,

I checked your site registered on your account (see secure note) and that doesn’t seem to be using X. Can you please get back to us with the URL/User/Pass of your WordPress dashboard using the Secure Note functionality so we can take a closer look?


yeah, im working on updating our website but doing it through WP Staging

Hey Kevin,

I tried to login with the given credentials and it’s not working on my end, The login panel says ERROR: Invalid username. Can you please double check the username / password and see if it works for you?


sorry forgot part of it

Hi Kevin,

Thank you for the credentials, but Theme Options > Header > Navbar Font Size and Navbar Links color does actually work.

Please try with a different browser, Chrome or Firefox.


Thanks but its not the color that im having an issue with or the font size. I can not get the actual font to change. no matter what font i choose, it either stays the same or changes to a skinnier version.

You’re welcome!

Hi Kevin,

What font you’re trying to use? Currently, it’s set to Paytone and that is the font-family your navbar is on.


Basically any font I try doesn’t work. There’s the google fonts and the system fonts. Neither sets will change. I didn’t notice if the sub menus were changing because I’ve just been trying to view the different options for the main menu. Can I send a screen capture video of what I’m talking about?

Ok I just noticed this: when I first log in and change the font a couple times it will change. But then when I try a third one, it reverts back to some font (I’m not sure what type) and nothing after that will change.

Hi Kevin,

Ok, I think I now understand your issue. Try this after you choose your font in the dropdown, save the theme option and refresh. That way your site will force to load the font you just select in the preview.

If you need to change your submenu font, add this to Theme Options > CSS

.x-navbar .sub-menu {
    font-family: "Pacifico",handwriting;

Hope it helps,

Thanks! That works, but with there being so many fonts, is there a way to not have to do that every time?

Hi Kevin,

Yes, you can either utilize the Font Manager feature or take a look at the font first on Google Font site.


Thanks so much!

You’re most welcome!

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