How to display grouped products in a layout

Pro: So I’ve created a layout for single products. Some of the products in Woo are grouped products.

How can I display the associated grouped products in a list with their own add to cart functions, similar to how it is done in the default product template in Pro? Specifically, how do I set up the looper providers and consumers?

To be more specific, I need to display a loop of all grouped products, each with its own price, quantity and title, and then an “Add to cart” button below the list.

Again, all I’m looking to do is recreate the way that grouped products are displayed in the default product template that comes with Pro

Hi @MintCondition,

Thank you for writing in, you can use the “Add to Cart Form” element (not to confuse with the Add to Cart Button), in a group product, that form will display the list of items just like on the default WooCommerce template layout.


Ok, that gets me a prebuilt element. Ideally I’d like to actually get the grouped products into a looper so I can do my own thing with design. Is there any way to do that?

Hi @MintCondition,

I would like to refer to my colleague Kory’s comment in the following thread, which may be helpful to you to create the Query String based on your argument array and tax query.

Hope it helps.

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