How to determine which Page Builders were used on which pages?

On my site I have Gutenberg, WPBakery Page Builder and Cornerstone.
Is there a way of figuring out which pages/posts were built with which builder?
Ideally I would like to remove WPBakery, but want to figure out which pages were built with it so I can check if they break when the plugin is deactivated/removed.

I’m trying to speed up my site, getting terrible results from PageSpeed Insights…

Hi There @topVIEW

Thanks for writing in! Once you click on the Edit link under each page.

It will then show the editor, which has been used to create the page.

Example 1: Gutenberg

Example 2: Cornerstone

We also have a guide on how to increase site performance which you can review here (

Hope that helps.

Thank you, so no way of knowing without opening each page in edit?

Yes, that would be the case.


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