How to delete/uninstall a Design cloud site


I have a fresh Pro Theme, blank, and I installed a site from Design Cloud, but I came to conclusion I want to uninstall it.
Can you please guide me on how to delete/unistall a site installed from Design Cloud and get back to previous state. Thank you!

Take your time

First Come First you need to understand that you are not installing a website from designcloud. You have just imported the designs as pages. Simply delete all your pages those are are imported from designcloude.

On your wordpress dashboard go to pages and delete all the pages those are being imported.

That’s all.

It is not as easy as just deleting the pages that are imported from designcloud, because importing the site will have altered the theme options for your site. That’s how they get all pages to have the same background, etc.

If you have a backup from before you installed the site, you can restore from the backup. Otherwise, you have to step through all the options in the your theme (X -> Theme Options in the WP admin dashboard) and set them to whatever you want.

It’s crazy to me that there is no quick way to do this. I installed the “crafty” design cloud theme, just wanting to test it out and see how the theme looked on my site. I had no idea that it would be such a hassle to remove it otherwise I would have never installed it. I want to go back to the default X theme, but I can’t. I deleted the X theme and re-installed from scratch multiple times and it still won’t work. Each time I re-upload the X theme after having deleted it the “crafty” design cloud theme is still there showing on the site. Is there really no way to target the source of the “crafty” theme and remove it? If not, that’s ridiculous. Especially for a theme I paid for.

Delete the pages AND go to the Pro License/theme options manager. Click the reset button to reset all setting to default.

To be fair, when importing a site, it does warn you to backup your settings. Settings can be exported in the same dialog.

Pro Theme Options

I did same thing and now I dont see my css text for global or page when I edit with cornerstone, all is blank, need to update css text for my google analytics! how do I do that when css is blank, please help me! all pages from the design cloud theme I have deleted but left my own from before I uploaded integrity theme

blank page css