How to create a landing page?

Hello I have set up a landing page using unbounce but would prefer not to be spending $99 a month to have it. Can you advise what plugins etc I would need to be able to recreate my landing page. I can download it as a template but dont think it is compatible to upload for pro.

I would love some advise.
thats the page I would like to replicate

Hi There,

Thank you for writing in, are you already familiar with the Content builder? If not, please watch the content builder introduction here. That video is from old version so you might find the tools on the left-panel on different places on your version but the Content builder itself still has the same concept. So yup that is the first thing you need to do, familiarizing the content builder.

Then lets setup the page, as we can see that page has a background-image and no header, click the gear the icon on the left-panel ( and that will bring up the page settings. On the page Settings > General panel set the Page Template to Blank - No Container | No Header, Footer

Then under Settings > X Settings set your page Background Image

You can structure that page as 4 sections with one column except the 3rd section (with the cover photo and newsletter form) because that is a 2 columns section. Set all the columns to be center-align.

The first section would have 3 headlines element (3 EASY WAYS TO ATTRACT, More Nail Clients, BY CARLY RENEE)

Second section would be the text elements below that headlines.

The third section would be a 2 columns. On the left column place the Image element and on the right column place the newsletter form. You can utilize the ConvertPlus extension for your newsletter.

And the last section would have the image element, text element, and the social links.

Hope this shed some lights,

perfect thank you

On behalf of my colleague, you’re welcome. Cheers! :slight_smile:

You can also find some stuff on my site about this:

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Thank you @Heroic

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