How to create a custom page template

I would like to create a page template with images at the bottom of the text body. How can I achieve this?

Below is a link to a page on which I attempted to create a template with the rodent illustrations. I achieved this by creating a php file in the child theme folder. The template php file has the page.php content, excluding the header information pasted into the template php file. This resulted with the illustrations at the very bottom of the page below the footer. However, I would like the illustrations to be at the end of the text body.

How can I create a template so the illustrations populate at the end of the text body and above the footer?

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Hi Michael,

Glad to know you found a solution.

Have a nice day!:slight_smile:


I am a newbie and want to know where can I located the agency stack files like css, js and how do I create a home page in the child theme with the customized layout.

Any video tutorial would be highly appreciated.

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Hi Nitin,

The Agency demo is using the Ethos stack and you do not need to locate the stack files such as the CSS and JS files to customize the hompeage because you can simply use the CSS and JS panels to add the custom codes on your site.

You do not also need to manually edit the theme files to edit the homepage, you can edit it using Cornerstone and it should be straightforward to do so.

Please check the video tutorial here on how to use Cornerstone:

Hope this helps.

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Hi Jade!

Thank you for such an easy solution.

I’ve been asked in my organization to stay at the top of the game - the designing part. Hence, I need to dive deep into the theme structure and locate files where I can make custom tweaks easily. Our website is a complex structure that will have custom HTML pages and other elements along with cornerstone pages.

Also, I am an amature in this land of WordPress.

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Hi there,

You’re always welcome! But if really needed, you can always customize the templates under /framework/views/ and move them to your child theme with same folder structure.


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