How to convert B&B Demo from dark to light

I want to use the B&B Demo for a tropical setting and need to have a simple bright overall atmosphere for my site. Is there an option for this Demo that can be used to make a comprehensive conversion without having to address each individual block?

Hi @windhover4,

Thanks for reaching out.

Once you import the demo, you can have control over every part that allowed in our theme.
B&B demo is using renew sack and you can have the options to change the color for different attributes.
You can learn more options here:

For the content, you can have the builder to change the colors of the desired sections.
If you are using Pro you can have the options to customize the header and footer using Header & Footer builder, you can get more information from here:

If you wish to customize it more, I would suggest you hire a developer or avail of our new service called One, where any customization questions are answered.

Hope it helps.


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