How to change or remove top menu item arrow and close gap between sections

Do you have setting in Agency to change or supress top menu item arrow?dropdown arrow
Also I have gap between sections which I cant close (used
padding and margins) at all.


Hello @VitaliKon,

Thanks for writing to us.

To hide the submenu icon I would suggest you please add this custom CSS code to Global CSS.

nav.x-nav-wrap.desktop ul li a i.x-icon.x-framework-icon.x-framework-icon-menu {
    display: none;

For the section Gap, it is not possible to guide you with only a screenshot I would suggest you please share the exact page URL so that we can check it on our end and guide you properly.

The purpose of providing custom CSS is to show you how to add CSS code to your site. Writing custom CSS is outside the scope of our theme support. If you need more customization, you need to learn CSS and learn how to use the browser’s element inspector.In case you have no idea about coding you can subscribe to One where customization questions are answered.

Hope it helps.

Thanks for this suggestion. In essence, I wanted to confirm where the toggle is to switch it off as this top menu item is the custom link, no content. it is still possible to type in browser and it will launch an empty space as there is no such page in back end. Can this top category name be not hoverable at all? I understood that I cant select the look of that arrow and I can disable it as part of the settings. I did not ask you to customisation service, I asked how to disable, I was after non coding option. seems code is only solution.

the code worked like a charm. thanks
regarding gap, I will keep it for now in design, it will be bigger as I need to separate sections content for better look.

No problem, @VitaliKon.

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