How to center PDFs in Pro

Hi. I am wondering how to center the PDF after linking it from my main page. The only way the image gets centered is if I use a JPG. There must be a way to center the PDF after clicking on an image. I have no issues with the size 8.5x11 pages or a multiple-page PDF but I do have an issue with the smaller PDFs. They get stuck at the top of the web page/browser.

Here is the main page I linked the PDF from:

This is what it looks like after I click on a smaller image such as the logo:

Thanks in advance for your help.


Hello Grace,

Thanks for writing in!

“This is what it looks like after I click on a smaller image such as the logo:

This is because this is what you exactly see in how the browser displays the pdf file. You do not have any control over this. It is best that you use the Modal element and then use Raw Content element so that you can embed the pdf file. Once the modal displays, the PDF should be at the middle of the modal content area. To know how you can embed the pdf file, please check out this document first:

Hope this makes sense to you. Thanks.

Actually, I just watched a video on how to embed a PDF but they did not explain how to do this particular action. I had a feeling it had to do with embedding the PDF. Then why does it work with a JPG? Why does a JPG centre? Had I known, I would not have used PDFs for the smaller files. So do I have to put this code in the CSS? It’s almost worse than redoing it as a JPG which is my preference now that this is the only way out. Isn’t there an easier way that the developers at Pro can create an embedded PDF other than using code similar to how you can embed images in Adobe programs? Please suggest that to them. Thanks.

Hey Grace,

To your question:

JPG is an image format and PDF is a document. They have different properties so the browser, not the theme, displays them differently.

I’ll post this case as a feature request so when it’s time for our development team to check customers’ requests, they will see the interest in a particular feature and it adds to the probability of the feature being added to Pro.

For now, you need to embed PDF manually.

Thank you for understanding.

Ok Christian thanks for the support about this issue. I appreciate it. I will use jpgs for the images so that they can be centred on the page. It makes sense that a document would start at the top of the page and not in the middle. The embedding makes sense.

You are most welcome Grace.