How to assign Headers and Footer to different Blog Categories

Hi! I’m creating a blog for my website with Theme Pro.

As I have 2 languages (Spanish and English) I want two different blogs.

I’m solving that by creating a blog post category called “spanish” and another one called “english”.

The thing is that apparently I can’t assign a custom spanish header and footer to each of the languages… Is it possible?

Hello There,

Thanks for writing in! Regretfully there is no option yet to assign a different header and footer for each category or archive pages. You will have to assign it globally instead.

By the way, what you have in mind is not the correct way of doing English and Spanish. What you need to do is to translate your site entirely. You can check out this knowledge base article on how you can have different languages in your site:

Hope this helps.

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Thanks @RueNel!

You’re more than welcome, glad we could help.


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