How to archive this carousel

hi there,

is it possible to archive this carousel with x pro?

it should be a simple carousel with image on top, some text below.

thanks in advance

Hello Harald,

Thanks for writing in!

Getting exact layout will require some work but you can consider Revolution Slider or Layer Slider plugins that comes bundled with Pro Theme. Both the plugins can be installed from Pro > Validation > Extensions.

Here’s some demo links that you can take a look:

Kindly take a look at following resources to get started with Layer Slider and Revolution Slider.



thanks for your reply!
i know rev slider very well so i can archive it with that.
i just asked because i thought there is a easier or native way in pro to archive this.

thanks again for your help


Hi Harald,

Regretfully there is no carousel element on PRO, there is a slider element but that has no carousel option.


hi friech,

okay. but can you add that to the future request list? would be great! also a counter like this:


thanks in avdance

Sure thing, actually that two items (Carousel and Circular Statbar) are already in our feature list.

Cheers, :slightly_smiling_face:

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