How to apply marginless columns to a new page


I really love this element from the x-theme template looks but I can’t seem to replicate it on another page. Can you offer any suggestions? Looks like it’s called “Marginless column” although to me it appears more like marginless rows. Anyway, here is a screenshot of the section I want to replicate on another page:

Thank you!

Hello Mark,

Yes, it’s called Marginless Columns but the settings can be found when you inspect ROW element. Please enable Marginless Column settings:

That setting will make the 2 columns with the same height. To add background on Columns. Inspect each column.You can see a setting to add background. Either background color or click advance for background image:

To add space around the content of the column, also check padding option on Column settings.

Hope this helps.

Found that but still struggling to duplicate. It seems that the controls are different on the page I’m trying to duplicate. Is there an easier way to accomplish this?
What I’m trying to duplicate:

What it’s looking like on the page I’m trying to recreate:

Any tips? Thanks

Hey Mark,

An easy way to duplicate the layout is to save the page as a template and then load the saved template in a new page. You can keep the sections you need and delete other content. To learn more about saving templates please see

Hope this helps!

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