How to add instagram icon on the footer

Hello There,

When i add social , it display as facebook automatically? I want to add instagram actually.

Hey Daphne,

In the Button’s control navigation, go to Graphic then select your Graphic Icon. Here’s the Button’s full documentation. I would also like to encourage you to visit our Knowledge Base to see the rest of the instructions.


Hello Dear Christian,

I am trying to read all the guide you suggested. And I have finished editing the logo of instagram.

And there is one unwanted black block there. I don’t know why.

Hi there,

Please check the box-shadow setting of the instagram link and you can set it to none to remove it.

Hope this helps.

Hello Dear Jade,

Thanks for your clarify. When I check the box-shadow setting, I don’t see where I can turn off the setting.

Hi There,

  • I removed the margin of text:

  • Changed the box-shadow to 0:

  • Changed the background color to transparent:

The instagram icon looks perfect now.


Hello Dear Thai,

Thanks for your help!

Yes. It looks perfect now!

Much thanks!


Glad to hear it!


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