How To Activate X With LiquidWeb Stencils Without Multiple Purchases - Part 2

(can’t figure out how to reply to a response… sorry! here is the post I am referring to:
the url for staging changes based on the demo site name but the core url remains the same.

One site (for staging purposes - not a live site) is

so any site I add for staging purposes would be

I can NOT figure out how to manage in the licenses area so that X will work.

Hi There,

Thank you for writing in, as you already know you can only validate 1 production domain and 1 staging domain per license. I advise that you review the disadvantage of not validating the site (here) and see if you can tolerate that on your demo sites. If not, then you need to develop your demo site one at a time when finished revoke the demo site and re-assign it to next one until you finish all your demos. Else you need to purchase 1 license for each demo site (Envato standard licenses).

Of course, you need to validate your main domain as your Production site.

Hope this shed some lights :slight_smile:

Ok. I was a bit confused about how that worked, so ya that shed some light :wink:
thank you!

You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

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