How to activate x theme in wp?

I can’t seem to activate - each time I add the code from the email, I get the following message.

When I log into - I see the license there with my domain name but it’s not validating.

Please help!

Hello Daniel,

Please go to your licenses page and make sure that the domain of your site matches the actual site URL.

If you already reviewed it but it is still not validating, please provide us with the admin access and license key to your site in a Secure Note:

I shared my login info - please help me register the theme to the site.


Hi Daniel,

The user you have provided does not have the admin permission.

Though when I checked your licenses page, you have registered to the license that is why the validation does not work. Please update the URL attached to the license to then validate your site again.

Hope this helps.

fixed, please try now. thanks :slight_smile:

I tired putting the site as you suggested but it still not working.

I changed the permissions for you to admin.

Pls help me fix this

Hi Daniel,

Since you’re on a brand new WordPress site, I have updated your WordPress to v5.1, then I have re-installed X theme, Cornerstone and then I was able to validate your site.


thank you for your help :slight_smile:

You’re welcome.

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