How to access the page builder with Gutenberg installed

hey. this may bee a completely obvious question but I’m missing it. How do I get to the X Pro editor or the Cornerstone editor when the Gutenberg plugin (soon to be part of WP core) is activated?

I don’t see the TEXT or PRO options within the editor, so I’m not sure how to get to the X Pro page editor. Granted, I’m only using the Gutenberg plugin for now, yet it’s destined to be a part of the core. How to get to the X editor?

UPDATE - I installed the ‘Classic Editor’ plugin (as I didn’t find a way to get to Pro or Cornerstone with the Gutenberg editor).

Is there a way to do this without using ‘Classic Editor’ plugin?

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You can use edit with pro link in the page list or in the admin menu.

Our theme will be compatible with Gutenberg very soon. You can check this status report for clarification.

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