How do I start over using demo as template?

Between multiple bugs and difficulty learning how to use Cornerstone and X theme, my site is not moving forward. I think I need to erase the work I’ve managed to do and start over again. I’ve heard that it’s possible to use X theme demos as templates to alter and use. I don’t even know where to download, let alone customize the demo. How do I do this please? I hope I’m making sense. Thank you for any info.

Hello @chevril,

Thanks for asking. :slight_smile:

It’s true that using demo contents you can speed up the development process. However you can be absolutely fine without demo contents and get the layout as per requirement. Looks like you haven’t checked out our knowledgebase articles and Cornerstone videos. I highly recomend you to please refer our knowledgebase articles:

You can import demo contents from X > Overview page. To learn more about demo contents, please refer following article. Please note that X Theme offers two variants of demo contents, standard and expanded. A detailed explanation of the same is given in our demo contents article:


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