How do I remove the sitewide H1 title tags and replace with H2 tags?

Please let me know the fastest way to remove the standard h1 title tags and change them to h2 tags. I do not want to hide the h1 tags but instead replace them with h2 tags. This needs to be done for each page so that I have only one h1 tag per page. Thanks in advance for your help.

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Hi there,

Thanks for writing in! What’s the stack you’re using? According to the {STACK} you’re using, you should be able follow information below.

For example check the following files and check <h1> tags.

To edit any of the template, you simply need to setup a child theme first and then copy the template file into your child theme’s respective location.

For example:
Then you can edit the file with your changes.

Also there are other related files which you can check within the `views’ directory.

Make sure to activate your child theme to see the changes.


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