How do I recreate Integrity 1 Demo

I have searched for this topic and there is a lot of old info only addressing sliders. I am very amateur with web-design and purchased this because I thought I could just import the demo and edit from there. Is there a video or something I can watch? I love this look.

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I see that you have Pro Theme and it does not has the demo content import feature like X Theme. In Integrity one distinctive feature is the slider. To setup slider, please take a look at the solution shared in following thread. Rest of the page layout can be created using Content builder. To get started with content builder, please take a look at following resource.

Let us know how it goes.


Thanks–I’m just feeling very overwhelmed like I am in over my head, I had hoped when I bought this that I would understand how to edit/change things, I have no knowledge of coding or building websites beyond basic Wordpress templates. Are there any beginner content to learn this platform? I read through the whole “getting started” bit, but I haven’t found anything that shows me how to build my site out.

Hello Sandi,

The best way to get familiar with the theme is to check out our knowledge base:

If you want to know more about the standard demos and expanded demos which you can use to get started in creating your site, you can check it here:

Hope this helps.

I appreciate the quick response, but this doesn’t help. This is the answer I always see posted. I have read these articles in the knowledge base and the demo content doesn’t work because I stupidly bought the upgrade to pro. I’m in over my head and shouldn’t have purchased these products. I just wanted a beautiful Wordpress template to customize.

Hi Sandi,

To clarify the standard and expanded demos is only for X. And for PRO there is what we called Design Cloud. More details about Design Cloud here.

Now with that in mind, we can’t really import the Integrity 1 Demo on your PRO site. However, I can import it on my X dev site and send the templates to you.

Integrity 1 Demo Home Page Template
Integrity 1 Demo Theme Options

Download and Import that Integrity 1 Demo Theme Options under Pro > Validation > Theme Options Manager

For the Integrity 1 Demo Home Page Template import that under Pro > Template Manager, and then load that template to your homepage. Keep in mind that we only import the homepage in a standard demo, so please don’t look for the other pages :slightly_smiling_face:.

More details about the Template Manager here.

Import and load the Home Page template and edit it, there are only place-holder text and place-holder images on that template for you to change with your own content.

Now if you want the Slider that is on the top of the page, please read this post.

While editing the page, you might also be confused about the mobile content, please read this post.

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NOW we’re getting somewhere! Thanks so much. Question about the Integrity 1 Demo Homepage Template though. It’s a .tco file, but the theme options manager wouldn’t let me upload it because it’s not an XCS file. User error? Any suggestions?

And then the theme options second part…what do I do with that code? I’m so sorry for all of the questions.

Hello Sandi,

XCS file or X Customization Settings file contains all the theme settings. You can use it to import/export your theme settings from one site to another. You can do that in the Theme Options Manager which can be found in X > Validation or Pro > Validation page.

*.tco file is different because this is a template file. In your case, you have the Integrity-One.tco file. This contains the template of Integrity 1 homepage. If you are going to import this one in your Pro site, you will use the Template Manager. This is where you can manage the template or import the template. Perhaps this following video screencast in this thread could help you:

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Hi Sandi,

Sorry for not being clear, you need to download both files that I send. The second file shows you a code (in dropbox preview) but you need to download that file, see the download button on the upper-right corner.

Hope that shed some lights,

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