How do I make the blue backdrop in this revolving text box extend to the edges?

I’m not sure how this box was made as I didn’t origionally design it, but I want to create a blue strip that stretches to the edges of the page which can have multiple alternating quotes such as this one. Also I am unable to alter the font in this box and I would like it to match the text used throughout the rest of the site. thank you :slight_smile:

Hi @laura,

Thank you for writing in, would you mind sending a direct link of the page where we can see that section, I try to search it on your site but I could not find it.

In the meantime, please try using the Quote element.


here is the site, it is just on the home page if you scroll down slightly:

Is there a way to put multiple quotes into the quote element and have them circulate?

Also I am only able to edit one of the quotes at a time in the current box that it on the site:

Hello @Laura,

With quote element, you can only have one quote. It does not have any feature that allows to insert more than one quotes and have it to circulate.

To change the quotes, find the “Marks” tab because this is where you can enable and change the opening and closing quotes.

Hope this helps.

Is there any way to achieve what I am trying to achieve using a different element?

Also is there a way to make a blue box behind it that extends to the sides of the page?


Hey Laura,

If you want the blue box to extend to the sides of the page, please create a new section with a row and one column in it. Add a solid blue background in the section and then insert the quote element in the column on that section.

And by the way, only the quote element has the option to edit/create a closing and opening quotes. There aren’t any other element that does that. With your custom JS and the quote element, you might be able to have a rotating quotation. Regretfully this that requires custom development, it is beyond the scope of our support.

Thank you for your understanding.

thanks so much, I will try that.

I am having trouble figuring out how to start a new section as well. For some reason I am only able to add rows to existing sections. I tried searching but section doesnt seem to be available in the elements drop down.

Hey Laura,

The section is not available under the Elements. You need to click on the Add Section link in the Editor. If you’re not aware about the Editor, please see I’d also recommend you check out tutorials in our Knowledge Base.

If you have more questions, please open a thread for each question because mixing topics in one thread always becomes unmanageable so it results to increasing our response time which is not good both for customers and support staff.

Hope that helps.

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