How do i make pricing like this? newb

i just need it to be static , can you guide me step by step?

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Thanks for writing in! The example screenshot can be accomplished by having to use a table with 4 columns. You can then insert the image logo, price, description and the button. To know more how you can layout a table, please check this out:

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do i use the code or cornerstone eh? thx

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If you use the table, you will use the html code. And if you would want to use Cornerstone, please create a section and several rows. In each rows, you can have 4 columns. In each columns, you can insert the image logo, price, description and the button.

To get familiar with Cornerstone, please check this out:

Hope this helps.

You can also use a Classic Text Element and insert the HTML and simply build it as you go. I copied the table example from the link RueNel provided in one of the earlier posts. RueNel’s post about using multiple rows would probably be the most logical way to approach it :smiley:

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Thanks for chiming in! This is very helpful for other users who would want to have a table in their site.

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i manage to make it using cornerstone , is there anyway to save this template so that i can copy paste when i write new article?

Hey @gozali,

You can save it as a template. To learn how, please see Working with Templates here.

Hope that helps.

again. this is my website , i have put the google adsense and it only shows in chrome but not other web browser… i am pretty sure i put it correctly as it shows in chrome. any help?

thx you for the help… happy new year

Here’s what I see in Chrome and also the same in other browsers.

I see you’re using a Text widget. WordPress now strictly uses the Text widget for regular content only. For HTML, you need to use the new Custom HTML widget.

If you have additional questions, please open a separate thread to avoid confusion both for us and other users.


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