How do I get a refund for the X Theme

A few plugins that I need like Convert Plus require additional activate and purchase ( I know I contacted their support and was told so), I thought they were included free?
Cornerstone video and audio player are lacking.
Inconsistent problems on a new install just trying to build a simple landing page.
HTML5 support on iPhone and Android compatibility with video player and sizing is not ideal.
The list goes on… Cornerstone is not my cup of tea I would like to request a refund.


Hey Rick,

We are sorry to hear about the issues you are getting when trying to get started with X.

You should absolutely be able to use all the bundled plugin with X without needing a standalone license for those plugins. We also provide the support for those bundled plugins provided that they are about the setup and features that are included out of the box in those plugins. There are instances that those plugins have some premium features that are only available for the standalone license, that is when you need to purchase a separate licenses; but, if you just need the basic features of those plugins, you should be able to use them freely.

Cornerstone has several Video and Audio elements:

Would you mind being specific about the inconsistent problems you are having? If you have no experience in website building an not sure how to build a landing page, there are always the demos available which you can import to your site and use them as the baseline for your site:

The video and audio elements mentioned in the previous answer are all HTML5 supported. Perhaps you missed those elements. You can use them instead of using the HTML codes of those elements.

If you want to proceed with the refund, you will have to file the request in ThemeForest since you have purchased X from there and they handle all the payment and refund requests:

Hope this helps.

It says I don’t have any refundable products. This is frustrating. How can I "exactly"obtain a refund for the X-Theme

Hi Rick,

You have to make sure you are logged in to the Envato Account that you used to purchase X so that you will see it in the Choose your purchase option.

Unfortunately, we cannot provide the refund on our end because X is sold in ThemeForest so they also fulfill the payment and refund processing.

Hope this is clear.

Thanks Jade.

Not only was is difficult to make the request for a refund via Themeforest, regardless of their policy instructions, the choice for a refund does not exist on the download of your product page. Try to find it! They don’t make it easy to make the request. What a surprise…

BTW Themeforest really has nothing to do with the initial refund at all! You have to make the request directly to the theme’s provider. I did that and received zero response, its now past 5 days. I had to raise a dispute through Themeforest, now they will intervene. I still may not get a refund as you only get one try. What kind of service and support from X Theme is that? It’s a horribly frustrating and unfair process. They obviously do not want to give refunds as this is now in dispute. I suggest others avoid trying out X Theme if they hope to get a refund if its not a good fit.

BTW Cornerstone is not very user friendly (especially with respect to integrating plugins) you do need to be able to code. Elementor is a far better drag and drop solution for newbies. I created the landing page in minutes and it’s got epic features built in that Cornerstone wishes it had. And Elementor was intuitive and so easy to use. And it’s free for the basic version, which is all you need for the most part.

But thanks for trying to help Jade.

Hey Rick,

We understand that you’re frustrated but your refund request might be undergoing review based on the Refund Policy by ThemeForest.

I’ve chimed-in to the other thread you posted, by the way. You don’t need custom code for that. We’re sorry about that.

Admittedly, Cornerstone requires a bit of learning curve. It’s recommended for first time users to learn the usage from our Knowledge Base. Please remember that knowledge of the product is a factor for the refund.


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