How do I check out other demo content than the one I'm basing my site on WITHOUT replacing the entire site?

When I chose my main template (the expanded Wedding template) I started working on that. Now I’ve seen some things from other demos and want to see how those things are done, as in, open them in Cornerstone and see what elements they are and what the settings are and such. But the only way I know of to do this is to change the entire site from the X Overview in the Dashboard. I just want to open other demos in Cornerstone seperate from my current site basically. How do I do this?

Hi @Ruud

What I would suggest is setting up a second WordPress installation where you can have a play around with the various demos. Your licence is good to use for a development area, in addition to your production site, so from a licensing standpoint, you’re absolutely fine to do this.

This article explains in more detail how to manage your licence:

Hope this helps!