HOw classic slider works?

I’m sorry but I’m trying to use your classic slider option but it doesn’t work for me properly. It says there that the size of the picture has to be 1200x600. I scale my picture to those dimensions but it looks blurry. Also, do you offer any option with revolution slider?

I’m new in creating websites and I really don’t understand very well this template

thanks in advance


Hi Gaby,

Please double check and make sure that it is the full size version of the image that is added on the slider.

X also includes Revolution Slider so you can use it as well.

HI Jade,

Thank you for your response. How can I check that I’m using the full size version? I uploaded the version 1200x600 and that’s the one I used.

Also, How can I use the revolution slider? I can’t find it inside the theme.

Thank you


Hi there,

By full width my colleague meant you need to go to Media menu and select the image in question and copy the direct URL to use for the image:

The reason that you need that URL in the slider is, WordPress also generates some Thumbnail and medium width versions of the same image which should not be used.

To install and use Revolution Slider you need to go to X > Overview menu and scroll down till you find the Revolution Slider Extension. There you can install and use it.

For more information:

I also suggest that you check our knowledge base as it will give you a good understanding of the theme and plugins usage:

Finally, if you want to use the Revolution Slider in the Cornerstone, you will have the Classic Revolution Slider element at hand after you create your slider in the Revolution Slider menu and you will see the slide listed in the element.

If you want to use the Page Above/Below Masthead functionality to add the Revolution Slider please read this article for more information:

Thank you.

Thank you Christopher, you guys are the best. Sorry my ignorance about it.

I fund the Resolution Slider and I’m gonna test now inserting the url instead of looking up for the image. I’ll keep you posted in case it doesn’t work.

Thanks so much for your great customer service



You’re most welcome, Gaby.

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