How can I tell if I should bother installing a child theme?

I want to make seemingly minor adjustments overall:
–increase body font size
–decrease spacing between posts
–decrease page title height
–sub menu: change background color from transparent to white or yellow
–sub menu: decrease width of cells
–sub menu: shift alignment so it’s not too far left
–replace “Category Archive” title to reflect actual category

Here is what I have under Additional CSS so far:
h1.h-landmark, .h-landmark.entry-title {
font-size: 180%;
color: #rgb(224, 116, 2);
.x-navbar .sub-menu a{

.blog .entry-title, .single-post .entry-title {
font-size: 27px !important;

Should I bother installing a child theme?

Hi there,

In general, it is a very good practice to have a Child Theme to your website. I usually have it as default always as there might be a case which I may need complicated CSS or JS or PHP overriding stuff.

For the current changes, you mentioned it is not necessary but again I suggest that you install it anyway as who knows what changes you will need in the future and if you are forced to install the Child Theme later you will have scattered customization in the Customizer and Child Theme.

Thank you.

I just tried installing the child theme. I downloaded the file, uploaded it, which it said it was successfully installed. Then, I was prompted for my purchase code, I entered it and I got this message:

“Your license of X is not validated. Place your Envato purchase code or Themeco license to unlock automatic updates, access to support, and Extensions. Learn more about product validation or manage licenses directly in your Themeco account.”

I went back to try it again, I uploaded the child theme, then I got this message:

“Unpacking the package…
Installing the theme…
Destination folder already exists. /home2/goodmox3/public_html/wp-content/themes/x-child/
Theme install failed.”

I tried putting in my purchase code again and got this message:

“Your code is valid but looks like it has already been used on another site. You can revoke and re-assign within your Themeco account.
Manage Licenses”

I’m not using it on other sites, Please help.


In that case, would you mind providing us with login credentials so we can take a closer look? Please provide following information:

Set it as Secure Note

  • Link to your site
  • WordPress Admin username / password
  • Purchase code

All the best!

Hi There,

I have correctly setup your child theme and used our staff license to check your validation errors, but I could not find any issues. Did you assign your site URL to your license ? Please make sure to follow this guide.

Let us know how it goes.

one second thought. I want to uninstall X theme.

1 How do I stop using X theme:
2 do I need to worry about saving the text or will it revert back with all text there?
3 If I want to keep my domain name, do I still need to log into the bluehost site, or can I go directly to wordpress?

Hello There,

Thanks for updating in!

1.) You can just simply switch to a new theme and your off without X theme in your site.

2.) You mean in the page/post contents? It will revert to Visual/Text editor only. If you have used Cornerstone in building the page or post, most probably, you’ll be seeing the Cornerstone shortcodes instead.

3.) It depends on where you have purchased your domain name. If you have registered it through BlueHost, then you’ll manage it from there. If otherwise, then you must login to and remove it from there.

Hope this helps.

1 I 've tried turning off X theme, I’m going in circles. What do I do exactly?
2 How do redirect one url to go to another? I have with bluehost and might want to redirect it to
3 Is there a way to not use bluehost even though I registered through it? I’m finding the interface confusing, going through wordpress is more clear.

Hi There,

I am little confuse with your issue now.

1.) Turning off X theme or not simply using it means going to Appearance > Themes and disabling X theme.
2.) Do you mean redirecting your domain to another hosting account? If yes, check this article: Your hosting where you bought this domain might help you with this.

In case you are referring to just transferring current X license to another domain, go to licenses page instead. If your current license is set to and you want to assign it instead on, go to license page. You can see something like below.

Feel free to set your URL under sites.

3.) I am not exactly sure with this question. Bluehost is your hosting provider where your site is installed and hosted. We can access files using bluehost file manager usually on public_html folder. On other case, we need to access files using this file manager because not all folders are accessible via wordpress admin > Appearance > Editor. You will notice that all accessible on wordpress is functions.php, styles.css and theme content that is on the root folder. Depending on the file you need to edit, sometimes we can just use wordpress admin or sometimes we really need to access it via FTP or filemanager on bluehost.

Hope this helps.

  1. I figured it out. I still don’t see an option to disable the X theme but I just chose a different one to take over. I don’t want to use X theme anymore, can I get a refund and how do I go about doing that?
  2. Can I relinquish the domain and how long will it take to be freed up and available again?

Hello @carolinemvu,

If you’ve chosen a different theme to take over your WordPress installation, then X is disabled. If you wish to delete it completely from your WordPress installation, you can do that by going to Appearance → Themes in your WordPress admin area, then hovering over the X Theme logo on that page and you will see “Theme Details” appear. An overlay will appear, and in the bottom right corner of that modal is a “Delete” button, which you can choose to completely remove X.

Regarding refunds, Envato/ThemeForest handle all requests related to that since we sell our product through their marketplace, and you can learn more about the process here:

I’m not sure what you mean by relinquishing your domain. If you delete X from your website, you are free to try other themes out on your installation. If you proceed with a refund from us as requested above, once your refund is complete via Envato your account will be removed here and you will no longer have access to your license as it will be refunded.

Why does my Posts page look like this ? I can’t read the titles. How do I fix it?

Hi again,

I’ve seen this happening due to the third party plugins that adds columns in posts / pages editing screen. This makes the title column smaller due to the extra columns. You can only fix this by deactivating the plugins that are adding extra columns. To find out which plugin is doing this, deactivate all third party plugins and you can narrow down which one by reactivating them one at a time.

Let us know how it goes!

It was Yoast SEO that caused it, thanks

I edited my profile to check myself as the admin and I think that’s all I changed. Will this lock my account from transferring my domain?

Actually, I just saw that the admin box wasn’t checking under the domains tab in BlueHost. I just checked it now. Will this delay a domain transfer?

Hey there,

That should not delay or affect anything.


thanks. If I am connecting my Bluehost domain to squarespace do I need to leave the domain privacy unlocked and the domain unlocked?

Hey there,

You domain provider will be able to assist you better in this regard since they will have more knowledge about their policy, however if you have any theme related question do let us know and we’d be happy to assist.

Take Care!

OK, so I have connected my domain from Bluehost to Square Space and and I will exporting and content into Square Space. Last week, I unlocked my domain and unlocked the privacy under domain manager. Do I re-lock them now?