How can I insert images in the middle of a text block

I’m a brand new customer, and although I have used a Wordpress theme before it was very basic and I’m feeling very overwhelmed!
I just posted a blog but it took me hours as I had to break every section up as I couldn’t work out how to insert images in the middle of a text block. Can this be done? So I had to put them at the beginning or end of the sections and there were 6 images. Now there is a huge gap after the photos until the next section begins. How can I remove this?
Are there any basic videos around on how to use X theme?

Hi There,

Thank you for writing in, you can use the Image element in Cornerstone to insert an image. But if you need to insert the image along the text line, then you need to use the html tag <img src="IMAGE URL HERE" /> to insert your image inline with the text.

Please watch the video here, this should provide you an overview on how Cornerstone works. You might wonder why some of the Cornerstone’s tools on the video is on different position, that is because its a lower version. But you’ll get the idea how to utilize the Cornerstone.


Thank you for your reply and for the video link. I found it very useful but there are still more questions!
For example, how do I get the text to wrap around the photo?
Also, I’ve noticed that my page titles are different weights. I can’t work out how to make them all the same, can you help?
Are there any more beginner videos you could point me towards?
Thanks very much.

Hi there,

Putting a text over an image is currently not a feature that is available in Cornerstone out of the box and would require a but of custom CSS. However, you might want to check out The Grid plugin that come bundled with the theme as it has some feature where text could be place over an image.

It would be best to start with our Knowledge Base as it contains a lot of post that would address basic questions about X and Cornerstone. You can find the articles here.

Hope this helps.