How can I change a logo

I wish to change the logo depending of the page . I mean i wish to change the silvertooth creative logo from here
depending the page .

For example on page 1 ) is the original logo , but on page 2) the logo is another . Could be possible to do it using the Id of the pages or unfortunately it would not be possible to be done ?

Hi there,

Thank you for reaching out to us. You can do this with custom jQuery, add the following code in the Theme Options > JS:

	$(".page-id-7 .x-brand img").attr("src", "http://image-1.png");
	$(".page-id-8 .x-brand img").attr("src", "http://image-2.png");
	$(".page-id-9 .x-brand img").attr("src", "http://image-3.png");

Just get the page ID ( ) and replace it in the above code with logo image URL.

Don’t forget to clear your browser’s cache after adding the code. Let us know how this goes!

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