How can add system font to Font Manager?

I want add chinese font.
How can add system font to Font Manager?

Hey Steve,

The Font Manager does not support system fonts other than the ones that are setup in the theme out of the box. The reason for this is because they are web safe

You will need to add your font as a custom font in the Font Manager > Custom Fonts. Please see the Font Manager documentation at The Custom Fonts instruction is not available in the documentation yet but the usage is straightforward.

If your font type is WOFF or WOFF2, you might need to manually upload your fonts to your server because WordPress and / or your host might not allow those file types to be uploaded via the browser. In that case, please follow the steps at


The font manager doesn’t get all the system font of windows. Likely Microsoft JhengHei or DFKai-sb font. The both are system font in the Tradition Chinese windows and can’t import via font manager. How can solve?

That is right. I’ve previously said other system fonts are not supported because they are not considered web safe. fonts. See

I’ve also provided the solution. You need to upload your system font as a custom font. There is no other way.

If you don’t have access to your font file, regretfully, you will need to use CSS font family. See


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