Honest Feedback on my site


Is there anyone out there who has SEO experience who is interested in helping me improve my site? I built the site a couple of years back and although have had lots of good feedback, I have also had some negative feedback. Either way it’s positive as it helps to improve UX.

However, I am not a web designer, nor SEO expert but learning on the job.

I’d really appreciate the help or feedback from a handful of people who’d be willing to spare some time giving me any actionable pointers. In return I’d be happy to either arrange a payment or gift card.

(Negative) Feedback I have received includes slow site (I changed my host which has increased slightly), not great on mobile devices and not easy to navigate.

If there is anyone in this forum willing to help, please reach out.

Many thanks

(If I don’t respond immediately I will as soon as I am able)

Hi Ollie,

Thanks for reaching out.
What you are expecting is beyond the scope of Theme Support. I would suggest you ask 3rd party developers to help or you can avail of our newly launched product called Boost, where we help you with your site speed optimization.