Home page elements not responisive

Currently my client website isn’t being responsive on mobile only https://simplyrecruitinginc.com/

  • I have updated all theme updates,

  • I have stopped the animation feature on the specific element that is not showing up on mobile but it is not reflecting my instructions when I view the page on mobile

  • I have a feeling its the corner stone plug-in since its not activating when I try to activate it and gives me an error message -
    Fatal error : Cannot declare class Cornerstone_Plugin_Base, because the name is already in use in /var/www/wp-content/plugins/cornerstone/includes/plugin.php on line 7

  • because of the above I called Managed WP hosting to try to update to 7.4 php, but they are unable to because their reason is they want it to stay on 7.3 as its still the current stable version.

Can you provide any solutions?

If I have to update the whole theme, how would I go about that?

Thank you in advance

Hi Gurpal,

Thank you for writing in, I have checked the link you provided both on Chrome’s emulator and actual phone and it is responsive. The only responsive issue I see is that bloated background-image in the Simply’s Search Process section, can you clarify on what devices you’re seeing the issue on, and can you provide a screenshot showing the issue so we can have a better idea?

That could be caching-related, please clear all your caching plugins and server-side caching feature if any, including your browser’s cache.

You’re using PRO on that site, so you don’t need to install and activate the Cornerstone plugin. Cornerstone is built-in into PRO.

A clarification about Cornerstone; It is a family of builders that includes our Layout Builder, Header Builder, Page Builder, Footer Builder, and Grid Editor. X users must install Cornerstone as a separate plugin and have access to the Page Builder only. Pro users have Cornerstone built into the theme and have access to everything.

PHP 7.3 should work just fine, but if there is a chance to upgrade to PHP 7.4, please do so.

Hope it helps,

Hi Friech,

I’m seeing the issue on iphones.

Im seeing the site title behind the logo at the top right corner of the image.

and the second block after the slider revolution, It appears and then it disapears and stays like that

Also when you say clear my cache plug ins, I did flush my cache before viewing any changes, if thats what you mean?

Thank you!

Hi @powerhootmedia,

Thanks for the info, can you provide us login credentials on a secure note so we can take a closer look? And can you give us a clue where could you possibly put that inline logo? Both the desktop and mobile view using the stacked logo. So we are not sure where is that inline logo coming from.


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Thanks Friech, I sent a secure note

Hi Gurpal,

Upon further investigation, that site title showing behind the white logo is actually the title of the video from the Youtube iframe itself. Unfortunate Youtube deprecated the showinfo parameter. What you can do to remove the title showing behind the white logo is to upload the video on your media library and use HTML5 on the background video source.