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Hey There
I’m installed XTheme Pro and Demo Content.
I really like the wedding theme and would like to keep some of the content and go over it.
For Instance I have located the “Mike & Jess” logo I cannot however find the section that holds “Are getting married” or the pic of them holding hands as the hero image. I have cornerstone all working can you please guide me to where this section may be? I checked also in the WP editor for short codes.
Any help would be great thanks.
Kind Regards

Reading up on this, sounds like this may be an issue with Running Pro.
I can only see the Header configuration not the Header editor as detailed in this article >>>

Heres a screenshot of what I can access

There is no header editor on the Cornerstone page where its supposed to be

Any advise on how to remedy this today thanks !

Please help today I have to get a mock up to a client by Friday and brought the software to work quickly.

Kind Regards


In WP > appearance > themes I have uploaded pro.zip

How do I check its running pro and if not how do I get into Pro ?

I can now see Pro and Child themes so I am hoping by activating Pro thats will help.

Am not sure what the child theme is yet any help ?

I can now see The Header builder and still could not change the section with the Hero.
It says Assign a global header in the builder to use Pro Headers so will try this.


If anyone else reads this these are my findings.

  1. Demo content is only available in X not in Pro !
  2. The Hero image at the top of the wedding home page is a Slider Revolution animation which I had no way of knowing as the inspector did not tell me, it was purely a fluke to find it !
  3. Header and footer editors are only available in Pro !

After going round and round for hours these are my conclusions will post in forum to ease anyone else pain.

Kind Regards


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Hi Matt,

Thank you for writing in and sorry you’re having those confusion. I think part of this confusion is because you have the X and PRO installed in the same time.

Yes those three points of yours are correct. To further the #2 the slider will be imported automatically if you installed the Revolution Slider extension ( in X > Overview > Extensions) before installing the demo.

Please follow this post on how you can install a child theme.


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