Hero Header - two calls of action

two questions…

  1. I’d like to have two calls of action in the hero header instead of just the one and I’d like to have them side to side.

  2. Also unlike post pages, I’m unable to drag elements between containers in the header. Is it possible to export or save the way an element is created so it can be inserted elsewhere? i’m thinking particularly of buttons.

Any help would be appreciated

Hi there,

Thanks for writing in.

Which actions you’re trying to add? It’s only limited to what’s provided in slider documentation. https://www.themepunch.com/revslider-doc/layer-actions-links/

About exporting and re-using content and elements, it will be possible in the upcoming version (template manager). But I can’t provide any further information about it.


I just want to have two buttons side to side.

So think large background image (or video) with a title and two overlayed buttons that are side by side.
here is my work in progress. http://wordpress-39810-405269.cloudwaysapps.com/

So below the title, I want to have two buttons next to each other.

Hey @triadanet,

The button needs to be in a separate container and the bar needs to be set to column. Please see this quick screen recording. I’d also recommend you go to the Tips and Tricks section in our Knowledge Base to learn more possibilities.


Thank you!

You are welcome :slight_smile:

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