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So let me get this straight, in order to create a beautiful header and footer, I would have to upgrade to a pro license? And once I go pro, I wouldn’t be able to use Cornerstone anymore? Is this the case?

Would I be able to create a website like this one with the ethos theme? Im interested in there header menu, and their home page blog layout. Is this possible?

Also one more thing, how many blog posts can ethos handle? I want to create a website with a pretty good amount of content that is all categorized. What would be the best route for this?

  • Once I get going I should be fine except for a few other questions here and there. Thanks!

Hi there,

Kindly read the details about Pro here:

You will have specific Header and Footer Builders to be able to create cool stuff, but it has a learning curve, You can see the environment of the builder here:

Check the tutorial above and see if such a functionality is for you or not. The X does not have the Header/Footer builder option and has the stock headers and footers of the stacks.

The important point is that you CAN NOT use the demos in Pro, the demo import functionality is not available and you need to build your website from scratch.

You do not nee Cornerstone anymore as soon as you convert to Pro as the Pro theme has exactly the same builder at hand called Pro Editor. You will have all the functionalities of the Cornerstone in the Pro Editor.

You will be able to create Header and Footer like the website you have mentioned, but you might need small CSS tweaks here and there.

The blog layout you have mentioned is not available in X or Pro, but you can use plugins such as Essential Grid which is available as a bundled plugin in both themes to achieve whatever grid-like the layout you like. For more information:

I suggest that you check this tutorial to get the hang of the details of the builders:

All the articles you may be interested in can be found in our knowledge base:

The Blog Post count is not related to the theme or stack you are using, it is purely WordPress related thing. Actually it all depends on how strong is your hosting service provider to handle stuff but generally, WordPress does not have any limitations regarding the count of the blog posts. You can start your research regarding this by checking This Google Search.

I want to mention that you can achieve what you want but it will not be easy if you do not know the options and stuff of the theme and builders. There is a learning curve here and you need to spend a little bit of time, but after you get the hang of things you will see the vast possibilities at hand.

If you are interested in converting from X to Pro kindly read this article:

Finally, we are here during the course of the development and will do our best to help you around. We will not be able to implement the customization of stuff that is not available in the theme out of the box, but we will do our best to give you correct suggestions, meanwhile, we will be available to guide you for the options of the theme for sure.

Thank you.

Thanks for the support. Did I lose money by buying the X theme before switching over to pro? Do i need to switch to X Pro to achieve the desired look of the website in the blog that i listed? Thank-you!

  • I’m just nervous about creating the menus and categories. I’m not sure where to begin on that part. Let’s say I wanted my featured posts to be on my homepage. And each one of those featured posts would contain a tag that gets categorized on my website. Then, when hovering over categories in the menu you would get the uber menu look of different posts in that certain section.

For the finished product, im trying to go for a content look and amount that compares to and the design feel that compares to i just need some help getting started.

Is there a way to create a desired look ( like the combination listed above ) without any coding? Besides small CSS changes? What would you suggest as the best route to take in order to do this? would i have to convert to x pro to do this? or can it be done within the x theme and cornerstone?

Thankyou, this would be amazing for me to know. I really do love your theme and want to create something that is unique with it.

Hello There,

Thanks for updating in!

1.) Please keep in mind that X theme is for beginner and intermediate users. The Pro theme is mostly like suited for intermediate and advanced user like designers and developers. Both of the theme will provide you with features that will help you realize your ideas for your site.

2.) The menu navigation can be done with the help of Ubermenu. You can install this plugin by going to X > Overview > Extensions. To know more about this plugin and how you may use it, please check this out:

3.) I would highly recommend that you check out our demo sites. We have a wide variety of layouts that resembles the two sample urls. You can check it out here:

With these demos, you can import it and make it as your starting point. We can slowly advise you how you can add more until the desired site layout will be realize. With less coding required and with the help of our staff, we will always be here to help you to get started with.

Please let us know how it goes.

I really do thank-you for the help and amazing support.

If I upload a demo, how much customization would I be able to do with the header and footer? To achieve a newspaper layout like, would I be better off with Pro or X theme ethos 1?

I will go through all of the resources you listed for me to get a better understanding, and i’m sure this thread is helping people out as well.

Hi there,

The limit of customization is truly endless, you can do anything that you can imagine. header and footer is really simple, you can easily get the results with X and ethos 1. Pro can do that even more dynamically but for this simple header and footer, I would recommend X with ethos 1.

Best regards.

Thank-you for the help!

I Love Pro Gone to bed, one thing I think would help in using the elements, could you put a little information hover bar over each element saying briefly what it does,…and probably a link to an example? if thats not too much.

Hi there,

We certainly appreciate the feedback! This is something we can add to our list of feature requests. This way it can be taken into consideration for future development. All of these items are discussed with our team internally and prioritized based on the amount of interest a particular feature might receive. Thanks!

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