Help With Starter Branded Footer Customization

Hello - I discovered this post regarding issues with the Starter Branded Footer: Footer: Starter Branded issues

A couple questions:
Can you explain why the footer uses 2 bars?
Where is the second bar showing up?
Also, how do I change the hover color of the links?

Appreciate your help, thank you!

Hi @ccwadsworth,

Thanks for writing to us.

Can you explain why the footer uses 2 bars?

The default footer using two bars because the first one is for widgets and the second one is for the copyright section.

You have to add some widgets from Appearance -> Widgets to show widgets in the footer. If you want to hide in just going to Theme Options -> Footer -> Footer Widget Areas -> Choose None from here.

Theme-Options-Pro (7)

Where is the second bar showing up?

The First bar showing up just before the copyright section. It will be shown by adding some widgets.

Also, how do I change the hover colour of the links?

To change color of nav bar links on hover just edit that Navigation Inline element , Then go to Top links -> Text -> Primary text color -> Interaction.
Change the colour from here.

Hope it helps you.

Thank you for your response and explanation.
Re: the link color, I am using a text element, not navigation and I don’t have the option to change text base and interaction color.

Hi @ccwadsworth,

The hover option isn’t available in the Text element.

You can try this tricky solution. Add the mail using mailto, then go to Theme Option -> Typography -> Site LInks (add the mail text color here) -> Site Links Hover (add the Mail text color for hover here).

Hope it helps you.

Thanks Prakash — but, I don’t want to change the link colors there because I want to use those throughout the site.

And, by the way, I am trying to create the same template for the header and when I added the email address in a text element in the header, it showed up with the colors I have set up in Site Links in Typography. So, there must be something in the starter footer that is referencing the white and blue text vs. the 2 shades of green I have saved in Typography. Any thoughts?

Once I figure out the color issues, is there any way I can save my footer template and use it as my header template? I can not figure out how to line up the text and social in the header like it is in the footer:

Header image:

Footer image:

UPDATE: I just checked Global CSS and noticed the colors were added there under “footer” — so that explains that. Hope you can help me with the alignment issue in the header… thank you!

Hello @ccwadsworth,

is there any way I can save my footer template and use it as my header template?

The footer template can only be used in the footer. Regretfully you cannot use it in your header. Don’t worry just yet though, what you can do is to go to Pro > Global Block. Create a new block and then design the layout that you want. Once you are satisfied with your layout, save your changes, and take note of the Global Block shortcode. Now, edit your header/footer, insert only one container, and then use the global block element to display your newly created block. And if you need some edits, it is much easier because you only edit it once in Pro > Global Blocks, both the header and footer will be updated.

Hope this makes sense to you.

I’ll try that, thank you Ruenel!

Hi @ccwadsworth,

Please let us know how it works for you.


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