Help add a button to nav bar in INTEGRITY

Currently the site looks like this without using a pro header:

I want to add the FREE DEMO button like this site:

Looks great when I do this in a pro header but then I can’t get two things to happen:

logo and first row text to align and collapse like the smart home theme (this is driving me crazy)
I lose the orange hovers in pro header

In the basic header and menu without pro I’d like to add a class to this button and add a pill shaped color and hover element, please help!

Hello @TankNicole,

Thanks for writing in!

I can see that you are using the Pro theme. Please go to Pro > Headers and create a custom header. You can insert your logo, navigation, and a button too. If you are not familiar with our header builder yet, please do check out this documentation first:

Best Regards.

Thanks! I love using pro headers but then don’t know how to add the hovering nav bar (orange now) that comes within Integrity. How do I do that in a pro header? This is what I meant by needing to be able to keep the look that comes with Integrity. Thank you!!

Hi @TankNicole,

You can add a similar orange line hover effect in the Pro header by using the Navigation Inline elements Primary Particle option.

Hope this helps.

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