Headline fonts not displaying correctly

I’m having an issue with headline fonts. I’m using the theme ethos. The font is displaying as the body text font (open sans) and not the font I specified for headlines (comfortaa). If I use the classic headline element it shows correctly but not if I use the headline element. On my mobile phone it just looks like body text and and doesn’t display bigger. The blog however displays headlines correctly.

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I checked the website on desktop and on mobile, on my end I can see headline elements using Comfortaa font. I suggest you to please clear browser cache and try loading the website again.


That didn’t work. Please note that the blog displays correctly, it’s interior pages that don’t. For example this page: http://weedmama.ca/parenthood/

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I checked the page and it seems that it’s inheriting the body font. Please do following:

  1. In headline element under Text Format > Font Family, select the font that you have created in font manager which in this case is Comfortaa.

More about font manager in following post:


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