"Headings" font selection doesn't change my headings

I’ve set a google font for the “Headings” in the customizer, but I’m still getting the same font that I set for the body copy.

Hi there,

Kindly go to X > Launch > Templates > Fonts and make sure you set a specific font for the heading.

Then Go to X > Launch > Options > Typography and select the Heading font to be HEADING. Then turn off the Font Manager option from there and save changes.

Then turn the Font Manager on again and save and you should see the changes in the front end.

Thank you.

Thanks. That worked. Out of curiosity, though, how would someone know to turn the font manager on and off? That was the only step I hadn’t done. Is that in the documentation somewhere? Maybe I overlooked it.

Hi @mathruD,

Happy to hear that it worked.

You could check the link below for the full details of font manager.


Hope it helps.