Heading font not changing in X theme cornerstone

I have my body font set as Lato and my headings font as Playfair Display. This is shown in in both the Customize > Typography and X > Launch > Options > Typography.

However, when I’m editing my headers in Cornerstone, they default to “Inherit” which shows the body font. If I select “Headings” or even “Body Copy” it displays as Helvetica. When I save the page and clear the cache, the Helvetica doesn’t actually show on the page.

I’m using X Theme version 6.0.4.

I do not have any custom code that would be modifying the font family.

One more odd thing… in my search, I came across this article: https://theme.co/apex/forum/t/font-manager/101/1 I do not have Font Manager as an option under ‘X’. It only gives options for ‘Validation’, ‘Launch’, ‘Cornerstone’, ‘Content Dock’, and ‘Custom 404’. Using the font manager seemed to be the solution for this same problem for someone else, but I’m at a loss.

My website is https://jessierlewis.com.

Any idea what’s going on here?

EDIT: I needed to update Cornerstone and now I have the Font Manager, but now my Google fonts are not showing as options in the Font Manager.

EDIT 2: I found them; didn’t realize they were separated into System Fonts and Google Fonts. Had to scroll down to find them.

This topic is solved. Hope my blundering is somewhat useful to another newb in the future.

Glad to hear that you managed to figure out the solution. :slight_smile:

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