Headers dissapears randomly and is not connected to any page on front page

Hi, I have a lot of headers. But suddenly they start to disappear “randomly” without any changing of the header or changing in the assigned page itself. The assigned page when seeing from frontend does not have any header at all, though it is properly assigned in the header builder.
I turned off all plugins and no difference.
This is how a page look without a header

and this is the assignment

It happens once before but at that time I went back to a backup copy that worked so I never looked into the issue.
Using latest version of wordpress and latest version of PRO

Hello @rms_webpsykologen,

Thanks for writing in!

I am seeing the header in the mentioned page.

Please do check each headers and make sure that there are no header that os overriding the other. This is possible if you have set up the Priority numbers of the header when you assigned it.

Best Regards.

If I understand this right there must be another header then that is assigned to the same page but no such header exists. The strange thing is that what you see is correct. Why dont I see the same as you? I tested again, no header here. Tested on other computers… no headers there. All headers are correctly assigned with zero prio. I cant find anything that could conflict with prio. All headers are unique to a specific page. Now I added a general header for the whole site and that one is showing up now for those headers that are missing. If there are a conflict I cant find it. Can u have a look on the site @ruenel

Since you see the header and I am not something must be wrong with the DNS. The problem is solved. No error in settings of headers. It was more simple than that
I needed the flush the DNS cache. Now it works properly again @ruenel.

Hi @svensson,

Glad to know that it is working now.


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