Header Condition Doesn't Show Page in Dropdown

I have a header called Client Header that I’m trying to assign to a page called Morning Star and all of its sub-pages. I have the Condition working fine on another page with its sub-pages (Akme Mountaineering) but I can’t see Morning Star in the Condition dropdowns for Page Specific and Page Parent.
Could you take a look for me please? I’ll put the details in a Secure Note.
Thanks, Neil

Hello @neilhartley,

Thanks for writing to us.

I checked your site it seems that the header is working fine on the parent page and its sub-pages as well. I would suggest you please purge all the browser cache and purge the cache from the Speed Optimizer plugin and recheck it or check it in the private mode of the browser. I have tested on my end on the Google Chrome browser version 126.0.6478.127.


Hi Prakash,
Thanks. My issue is that I can’t see the page in the dropdown that I want to use this header on. The page is called Morning Star.

I did try in a different browser in Private mode but the page doesn’t show in the list despite an awful lot of scrolling.
Best, Neil

Hi Neil,

You can get that by searching as shown in the given screenshot.


Hope it helps.

I tried that by double clicking on the area. For others - single click and just start typing. It worked, thanks for your help!

Hi Neil,

Glad that we are able to help you.