Header background

Hi there how can i change the header background colour on X.
and bot can i change footer background. I am using the church template
thank yo for your help in advance.

Hi There,

Thank you for writing in, navigate to X (or PRO) > Launch > Theme Options > Renew there you’ll see the background-color option for every part of the header (topbar, logobar, navbar) and footer.



Is this on the non-pro version? it says x (or pro) so assumed so. either way, I don’t see this when following these steps. there is not a renew tab under options. I’ve also tried the custom CSS to change navbar/header background color. any ideas?

Ok in regards to the previous post, I realized while my header was in the stacked format I was no longer looking to change navbar, but the logobar instead.

I am still curious about the renew tab under the theme options though


Hello There,

Thanks for updating in! The Renew tab will only display if you have chosen Renew stack. Please go to X > Launch > Options > Stack and see if you have chosen Renew. If not, then there should be a different stack tab when you are in X > Launch > Options.

To get familiar with the different stack settings, please check these:

Hope this helps.

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