Header and parent page not clickable

Hello Support!

I have created a menu in Pro Headers.

Specifically, my problem lies with mobile devices (touch). When a user clicks on my dropdown menu, the dropdown appears, when in fact they should be taken to another page if touched for longer, a quick touch should show the drop down.

My site is demo.ocaviadevelopments.co.uk

The problem is with the services tab. See screenshots below.

Hope this can be resolved.

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Hi There,

The Sub Menu Trigger was introduced in Pro 2.1.0. Setting the Sub Menu Trigger to Sub Indicator would do the job.

For more information, please check this video: https://theme.co/apex/forum/t/working-with-navigation/24852.



Thank you for sharing the videos. They helped alot.


You’re most welcome, A.

Hello @Jade or @thai

I have solved the solution for mobile browser, but now on desktop sized screens my drop down box does not appear on hover or click.

Hope you can help.

The services tab is not working.


Thank you


Hi There,

Please check the Content Scrolling option of your bar, make sure it’s OFF:

Hope it helps :slight_smile:


Thank you Thai


You’re welcome.

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