Having trouble Saving pages

Particularly with PRO editor.
As a quick fix to our save issues, our team has rolled back to backed up version.

I’m concerned we will run into this issue again.

Issue Start:
First noticed this May 1 2020 around before 2pm est
I was able to save succesfully earlier that morning around 11am. From there we then rolled back to a back up from earlier that morning.

From PRO editor, we are running into issues as we update the page content (html) and get stuck at “save”. We receive the success save message however on the front-end the save does “NOT” take. Several of us have tried this and have been unsuccessful.

Our team has spent time trouble shooting with our Hosting Provider “Kinsta”. After some time investigating they believe this is associated with PRO Theme and thinking this is likely JS.

Trouble Shooting:


Hi @b_lynk,

We are sorry you are having this issue and thank you for the detailed information.

Unfortunately, the credentials is not working. Please double check.

Can you also confirm this issue happens on this page only? Since it looks like a lot of html code in it, please check first for any html errors. Make sure tags are properly close and there’s no extra closing tag.

Sorry about that, I just reset the credentials and the password should work now. I just tested it :grinning:

At the time, that was the only page where we encountered this issue. This site is live and I was concerned to make any additional changes to any other pages. Regarding any non closing tags, I actually use a code editor that highlights unclosed tags, which I use prior to pasting it over into the PRO editor. So I believe at the time the html was fine.

I had a couple of my team members test on their end too. You can see from one of the screenshots on the admin side there is an “Awesome, content saved” message. From the editor, the update is correct, Yet once viewed on the front-end its not updated. We were able to roll back but I wanted to get a ticket opened to trouble shoot in the case this could be a bigger fix which may require more time. We have several page updates coming through this week so wanted to make sure we dont run into this issue again.


Hello @b_lynk,

Please go to Pro > Status and clear the style cache first.

I have logged in and tested by adding a class in one of your paragraph text. I have successfully save my changes.

Editing in the Pro Editor:

Viewing the page source of the live page:

Please clear all your caches and test your page again.

Hello. I am bumping this issue back up as it’s happening again. Can someone please take a look.
Not able to save edits from PRO editor.

Credentials and links were previously sent in PM. I can resend…

Hello @b_lynk,

I have logged in again and I am seeing an invalid tag.

Please make sure that when you insert HTML codes, it is valid and correct. Unknown and/or unclosed tag will result in an issue when saving the page in Cornerstone.

Hope this helps.

Hello. Thank you for looking into this. The html has been the same and we have been able to save in the past up until a few days ago. With this new update there was no need to make updates to the table’s html and simply just to the link so the table piece has been the same and we were able to save before. I did however go and rebuild out that table as suggested and still unable to save. I will provide a new sample page in a secure note.

Screenshot below is of page being saved.
Preview shows correct url and successful save message from editor.

Screenshot below shows the page is not updated after saving
Please see url specifically for Operation Readiness Testing.

Hey @b_lynk,

I did some thorough testing and there seems to be an issue with your new link, which somehow reverts back to the old link. The page is saving fine. I first tested by removing the links and the page saved correctly. I then used your new link for testing and it reverted back to the old URL somehow, however the page saved fine and there was no issue in saving the page as the links were added but got reverted.

I then replaced your link with the goolge URL and page saved fine again and this time the URL stayed the same as I provided. So there seems to be an issue with your URL (see secure note for the URL) which is being reverted.

I’d suggest you to re-upload the document else where and see if this resolves the issue.

Let us know how this goes!