Having Problems with Validation

I purchased a new license today and added it to the staging subdomain, but it is not showing as validated on the site.

How can I fix this?

Thank you!

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​To validate X theme in your staging or production site, please do the following:
1] Please login to your account and assign the license (https://theme.co/apex/licenses). You need to assign the license to your site using this url: https://www.example.com/. You have to make sure that url you just assign is the same as the one you have in your settings, Settings > General > Site Address
2] Go back to X > Validation, and insert the license Code.

And please review the changes that we made on how you are going to validated your X theme because we made a big change in the process. Please check it out here: https://theme.co/apex/forum/t/setup-product-validation/55

Thank you for the reply.

I have gone through the steps you have outlined. Several times.

However, once I enter the license info on the X > Validation screen and hit enter, I just get a blank screen at this address: http://example.com/wp-admin/admin.php

Can you please advise as to what may be the issue?

thanks again.


Blank white screen usually means that there is a php error.

Try setting wp debug to true in your wp-config.php file to see the real error instead of white screen.

Please let us know what error you are getting.


I have changed the wp debug to true.

When you say, “Please let us know what error you are getting”, where should I be seeing the error?

I am still getting a blank screen at the address I posted previously.

Thank you.

Hi There @MYto

It seems that your server is down or your site is not configured correctly.

Once your server is up and running, please check our troubleshooting guide here (https://theme.co/apex/forum/t/troubleshooting-validation-connection-issues/201). If you require further assistance, provide us with your WordPress login credentials in a secure note to check your issue further.


Please see below:

Hi There @MYto

Your issue is that you’re using an older version of X theme and the latest version of Cornerstone plugin, so that our validation process will not be initiated correctly.

You can see the latest version information from here (https://theme.co/apex/forum/t/troubleshooting-version-compatibility/195). Then follow our update guide here (https://theme.co/apex/forum/t/setup-updating-your-themes-and-plugins/62) and update your X theme. After that, you should be able to validate your site.

Hope that helps.

Thank you for your assistance.

Glad we were able to help :slight_smile:

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