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I tried to adjust the letter spacing on my H2, H3, H4 on Ethos1 and no matter what values I put in the slider boxes, nothing changes. See attached. The arrows show what I changed to reduce the letter spacing to no avail. What the heck am I doing wrong and what are these spacing adjustment areas for?
Thank you


Can you confirm that you are fully updated? (Theme and Plugins)

You can find the latest version numbers here: (http://theme.co/changelog/) Then you can compare them to what’s installed on your site.

If you find anything to be out of date, you can review our update guide.

Please also note that the elements invidual settings overrides these global settings.


My X Theme and plugins are up to date.
However, With the Font familyas Inherit I do not see any “Letter Spacing” like you have shown on your image?
Are there any videos or instructions as how to help me with the letter spacing?

Hi Robert,

The version of X and Cornerstone you have is not compatible, please update both to the latest version (X 6.2.5 / CS 3.2.5).

Updating Your Themes and Plugins

Please note that the screenshot Paul show is the text formatting on the element itself. While yours is from Theme Options > Typography which is more of the general settings.

So that means if the element (like text and headline element) has a letter spacing configuration on its self, the settings from Theme Options > Typography wont be applied.

More information about letter spacing here.

Hope it helps,

Thank you. I did check my X theme and Cornerstone and I do have the version (X 6.2.5 / CS 3.2.5).
I will look into the link that you provided.
Now all I have to do is find where the "elements, like (text and headlines) are located in X Theme.
Thanks again for all your help.

Hi Robert,

Its an element of Cornerstone (Content Builder in Pro)

These are the elements that you’ll be using to build a page, and each of these has its own styling configuration.

More details in the link below.

Cornerstone / Content Builder - Elements


I think I am missing something here. I do not have the Pro version of X theme. In X Theme there is cornerstone and when I click on it the image belows appears. I do not and have not used Cornerstone on my site, so I do not understand how the elements that I want to change are in Cornerstone when I don’t use it. Must be brain dead here. I just want to find the element area to change the letter spacing. I understand that I cannot use element letter spacing in the X Theme>options>typography area as I was previously informed. Since I don’t use Cornerstone I just cannot figure out where the darn area is so that I can change the letter spacing. It should not be that difficult but it is really starting to get frustrating.
Thank you

Hi Robert,

Sorry for all the confusion, yes you miss a lot of features if you don’t utilize the Cornerstone for building your pages.

From the screenshot you showed above, you should choose a page that you want to edit in Cornerstone. But that page needs to be built in Cornerstone in the first place when you created it. Do not edit pages that are not originally built in Cornerstone, you will lose the content of that page.

More details of that here (Cornerstone - Introduction)

Now back to the original issue, please provide us the direct page URL and point us the Headline that you’re having an issue changing the letter-spacing, so we can see what is happening in there and provide an alternative solution.

Have a nice day,

Here is the link: https://carbonsteelcookware.com/what-is-the-best-carbon-steel-skillet/
The Cabin site is not mine but I like the spacing between the words. On my site, with the pan, the spacing seems a little too much. Maybe I am nit picking too much and should just leave it alone.
When I first started building my site using X Theme and Ethos1 I was told NOT to use Cornerstone. I read that in several articles I researched about X Theme and Ethos1 and was also told basically the same thing by your tech support team. So, no problem, I did not use it and everything worked fine.
I have no intention of redoing all my posts using cornerstone as I don’t want to screw it up.
As I stated before, I cannot figure out why I cannot use the letter and word spacing in the X>options>typography area if I am not using cornerstone…HUM! Sometimes this stuff drives me over the edge! I am at the end of my vertical scientific comprehensive alternative knowledge base and am losing the symbiotic relationship with my own brain.
Thank you ( I feel better now)

Hi Robert,

Don’t worry about it, you’re correct :slightly_smiling_face: that posts title’s letter-spacing is controlled in the X > Theme Options > Typography specifically the H1 Letter Spacing. the letter spacing value set on Cabin Freedom is -0.035 that is why his title is a lot closer to each other.

It seems your site is under a caching plugin/feature? Make sure to clear your caching plugin/feature after you made the changes so it will take effect immediately.

How to Clear Your Cache in WordPress
How to Clear Your SiteGround Cache


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