Grid Resize Optimization Question

We are having a fun time using the Grid Built into PRO and its capabilities.

Just a question that I am hoping can have a quick resolution.

We have a “Team” Section. This Team section is split into 3 columns with a Background Image and a title underneath. When shrinking screen sizes, instead of resizing all of the images, it cuts off the right image.

Is there a way that we can when the site is optimized (on all devices as well as the screen being dragged down on desktop), that the entire grid resizes equally across all columns?

Hello Randall,

Thanks for writing in! By default, background images will cover the entire column. As soon as you resize the screen, the background image will still try to cover the whole column area which could possibly zoom in or cut off parts of the image. To assist you with this issue, we’ll first need you to provide us with your URL. This is to ensure that we can provide you with a tailored answer to your situation. Once you have provided us with your URL, we will be happy to assist you with everything.


Thanks - just sent a secure note

Hi Randall,

The reason why it is not equally the same layout when shrinking screen sizes because you set a fixed minimum width.

In order for them to have an equal sizes when shrinking screen sizes, you need to set the minimum width to 100%.

Hope that helps and let us know how it goes.

Thank you.

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