Grid ovveraide element

Hy guys, I’ve create a grid with tre element. I’d like to arrange element
A top (50vh)
B center ovveride A and C
C bottom (50vh)
and i’d keep they 100% of screen.
I have placed a div to have the 100vh and then I have set the 50vh on A and C. Without a div, can I have the grid at full height? Also, by arranging the cells from one point to another, can I determine the height?

Hello @xonetit,

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It is best that you send us a mock layout or at least an illustration that you want to have for the grid. At the moment, we do not have a clear idea of what you want to do because A and C will already cover the full height of the browser screen.

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ok sorry try again. Now I’ve another question, i’ve add a new cell 4 and put in to cell 4 another two cell and a div for child effect, but I view it on editor but i can’t view it on front end

Hello @xonetit,

Please set a minimum height in your Cell1 and Cell2 inside the Cell4 so that you can view these cells on the frontend.


I have seen and it works, but why if the cells are below in the grid (and not in another cell) do they not need the minimum height? thanks

Hi @xonetit,

It requires the minimum height as the images are set into the background of these cells and there is no content. Whereas other cells are having the content, which is adding the height to the cells.

Hope it helps.

it’s strange because if I remove the two cells from the cell that contains them and put them under the grid, the minimum height is not needed even without content

Hi @xonetit,

It might be taking the minimum height set to the Cell 4.