Grid Element Discussion


I am strongly impressed by the grid element showing in action after importing the content template.

It is really no deal to setup a really cool structure structure with it.

You are doing a great job.

Last days I havge read here some negative stuff. I just had to laugh…

They don’t understand that Themeco is nearly unique in this biz that is strictly following the wp codex and w3c.

and always on time. Especially since you kicked off the old developer and employed a new genius one.

And Pro was since it was alive always meant as the template for advanced website builders.

And it seems that Pro will become a professional web dev online app.

Therefore it is yet not an app for kids. Now it is a tool where you can dev really awesome functionalities with sexy design.

If someone is reading this and has only built cms on wordpress without scripting knowledge since now and has entry level knowledge in html, css and MAYBE js you should think about using X and not Pro.

Or you stop complaining, sit on your ass and start enhancing your knowledge and level up.

One more: first telling the site is not live so the support can feel free to connect and look at the problem even though he was strongly adviced to set up a new stage but regretted that, then being so outrageous after beeing helped quickly with extended explanation what had been done, which was definitely out of scope by the way, he should really think about his strategy solving problems. I would even say, such “Developers” are damaging the reputation of good ones who are working on their own and are struggling but loving and living what they do. But it is getting really worse and makes it harder to earn their money. Not only that it is not that much money you earn per project, they sell off cheap.
My statement to what I have read here in the last to weeks.

Sorry for the long text and not following the topic. But it had to be said.

Hi @scitch,

Thank you for chiming in here. I’m really glad to hear you like the Grid element, and I appreciate your enthusiasm for the things we’re building in Pro. Have fun playing around with the Grid in the beta and just let us know if you have any other thoughts on the element.

Take care!

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Any chance to get a mosaic layout (to use with photos for example)?
I have tried the cell offset one and am having a hard time understanding it.

After adding a Grid element, if you scroll all the way to the right you’ll see a predefined layout called “Mosaic”. It’s a fairly complex example of positioning things on a grid. There’s also a mosaic template we’ll have in design cloud.

Here’s a pretty simple way to get started.

  • Add a new Grid and choose one of the simple options like 4 columns
  • Inspect the Grid, and under “Columns Template” click the gear.
  • Click + a few times to increase the number of columns in your Grid to a higher number like 8-12
  • Add a bunch of cells
  • Using the visual Grid Editor, drag those cells into different sized rectangles.

It’s a but of manual setup but you get full control over the resulting mosaic look at any screen size. For example, you might want a cell to be 2x1 tracks wide on desktop, but flipped to 1x2 on mobile and in an entirely different position.

Hopefully that helps! If not, we’ll definitely be producing videos about the Grid that will help outline many different layout possibilities.

Just began playing with the Grid element, and it’s literally the best thing I could ask for. I know it’s been so long, but what it’s turned out to be, with ease of use, and responsive, flexible grid editing, is just so wonderful, honestly.

Just wanted to know if this could be integrated to produce actual layout and template building options that can be installed right into Wordpress’s page templates. Will we be seeing the likes of functions/solutions like automated homepage carousels that can grab info right off each post type being referenced instead of having to manually update every now and then? crosses fingers

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Will we be seeing the likes of functions/solutions like automated homepage carousels that can grab info right off each post type being referenced instead of having to manually update every now and then?

I really do hope so. Imagine the possibilities!


oh man! It’s basically the dream. I’m glad I’m not the only one thinking about this one!


Hi @ankit_ojha,

Thanks for chiming in, and great to hear you like the element! The upcoming Layout Builder will let you create layouts using our Row and Grid elements, then assign them to various contexts like your blog index or home page. Combining the Layout Builder and dynamic content, you will be able to create some powerful designs that automatically source data from custom post types. Actual Carousels are yet to be determined, but we do have some ideas about a Carousel element that would let you simply place other elements inside of it.

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As the Carousels are early days - could WooCommerce be added to the list of supported post types :wink:

For sure. We intend for the Layout Builder will have first class WooCommerce support.

I wanted to take a moment to post a quick update before the weekend. We still have some interaction work to polish up on the Grid element, but some of it has proven challenging - in particular, we’re trying to make moving cells around more consistent when working with irregular grid templates. We may be a bit less active in the beta forum next week as we’ve slated time to work on some internal projects. Something worth noting that I know many of you are looking forward to is the “Custom Attribute Control”. This has been completed and will be part of the next beta.


This seems like a great idea, I’m actually very interested in trying this out with Cornerstone. I’ve played around with a plugin called Grids that works directly with Gutenburg.

Bless you guys, seriously!

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@bshaw334, thanks for sharing that plugin. It looks like a really interesting approach how they predefine the grid size and let you setup areas like that.

Thanks @ankit_ojha!

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Hi everyone! Beta 3 is now available for download. We’ve made some changes to the Grid element to help with different workflows. Notably, there are more context menu options when you right click and we’ve made the resize and move interactions more polished and consistent. Looking forward to your feedback!


Launch date is scheduled for November 20th. Here’s a bit of additional info on our upcoming video series about the Grid Element:


Thank goodness, My humble brain will be able comprehend how to use this then :slight_smile:

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Hi there @alexander!

Just wondering if there’s any update on the layout builder thing–I’ve been out of it for a minute, so any update would be really really great.

Hi @ankit_ojha,

It’s still in development - we’re going to do a maintenance release first to get out a bunch of pending fixes, then get back to work on the Layout Builder cycle.

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Oh okay! I’m super stoked!