Gravity Forms - CSS classes not working


I am using Gravity forms inside a content modal.
I am having a weird placement on the Date Picker field and a CSS class does not seem to be working.

  1. On the date picker field, there´s an odd space between the field (when clicked) and the calendar pop-up.
  2. On the Radio buttons field, the CSS class gf_list_3col does not seem to have any effect.

The radio buttons CSS inline is not a must, but the Date picker field is not functional as it is.
Can you help?

Thank you

Hey @PanInternational,

I’m sorry but I’m not entirely sure what the issue is with the calendar. It functions fine on my end.


Regarding the GF CSS, it’s being overridden by the stack CSS. For now, please grab the code you need in the GF’s readyclass CSS and plug it in Theme Options > CSS

You can use the browser’s element inspector go guide you to what code you need to copy.

I’ll report this conflict to our development team.

Hope that helps.