Gravity Form Not Mobile Responsive in Pro

I’m an avid user of X and am getting very frustrated that simple things that worked fine in X are not functioning in Pro.

This page has a classic gravity form element active on it. When viewed on mobile (actually test on mobile device) the page does not have the ability to scroll to complete the entire form. What am I missing?

Hi @srpickert,

Thanks for writing in.

I could see that you have hidden the scroll function in your CSS.

You could try this code below:

body:not(.page-id-78) {
  overflow:hidden !important;

Or find the page that you want to hide the overflow then find its page or post id.

After locating its page or post id. Use this code below:

body .page-id-no{
overflow:hidden !imporatntl;

Hope it helps.

Let us know how it goes.


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